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YES, Doc! I’m ready to learn how I can route some instant cash into MY account thanks to the Black code! Please sign me up for a full year of Retirement Trader. That entitles me to all member benefits. I’ll join Doc’s inner circle and receive 30 to 50 new recommendations over the next 12 months. Each has the potential to hand me hundreds to thousands of extra dollars. I’ll also receive access to your entire Training Center. That includes the owner’s manual, video-training course and other goodies from Doc.

Plus, I will be covered by your unique Double Guarantee (details below).

This is a partial list of what I’ll receive the moment I sign up:

One Full Year of Retirement Trader: On the second and fourth Friday of each month, Dr. Eifrig will send me new issues of Retirement Trader. They will contain details on the newest batch of Black code opportunities. He’ll tell me exactly which options to sell, and when… right down to the ticker symbol. I’ll also get the current model portfolio of recommendations, and complete access to the archives.

Regular email updates
as necessary, to let me know of new opportunities as they arise.

Retirement Trader Master Course
: In this six-part video series, Doc will personally walk me through everything I need to know to get the most out of his Retirement Trader approach. Similar courses likely sell for upwards of $2,000. Doc will send me his course FREE!

Special Report
: How to Collect Hundreds in Extra Income Each Month. 
The basic Owner’s Manual for Retirement Trader subscribers. Doc will walk me through exactly how to sell options for instant gains… He’ll show me how the service puts the odds WAY in my favor every time… all thanks to Doc’s mastery of the Black code!

Special Report
: The Black Book of Retirement Trading Secrets.
 An explosive dossier filled with the income-generating secrets, tips and techniques Doc discovered while working inside Wall Street’s biggest firms.

The Retirement Trader Welcome Kit. Inside you'll find the Quick-Start Guide to your new research service. And Doc has hand-chosen some other items we think you'll find very interesting, as well. (We hope you enjoy books and wine!)

And much, much more…

Retirement Trader Guarantee #1

 6 months to decide if Retirement Trader is right for me.
I have the next six (6) months to have a look at Retirement Trader. I’ll have a full half- year to read the issues, watch the training videos, and look over the track record. If I’m not satisfied with Retirement Trader for any reason, you’ll issue me a prompt and courteous refund.

All I have to do is mail back the Welcome Kit you sent me (at your expense) and I will receive 100% of my money back.

If I cancel after the 6-month trial period, I will receive a prorated refund based on the time left on my subscription.

But, in reality I’m fully protected throughout my entire membership…

Because Doc has also included a long-term performance guarantee.

Retirement Trader Guarantee #2

Doc will deliver AT LEAST a 90% win rate during the first year.
Retirement Trader has possibly the best track record of any publication of its type, anywhere in the world. 

Doc intends for it to stay that way. At my 1 year anniversary I can check the track record. Doc guarantees that the Retirement Trader model portfolio will have shown me a shot of at least a 90% win rate, on all series of positions closed between March 1, 2015 and March 1, 2016.

If not, I will receive a second year of membership ABSOLUTELY FREE.

That means Doc will essentially work for me for free. His staff will work for me for free. For an entire year.

And it couldn’t be easier to claim either guarantee. All I have to do is call your dedicated Customer Service team.

This offer is virtually risk free.

And all I have to do to get started is simply fill out the easy membership form below.


(No debit cards please.) When you pay for a one-year subscription to Retirement Trader with your credit card, you will be billed $3,000. Each year after, we will automatically bill your card $3,000 for Retirement Trader. You will receive at least one reminder before your subscription is auto-renewed. With this auto-renew feature, you lock in this low price, and guarantee that you never miss an issue of Retirement Trader. This "auto-renew" feature does not obligate you in any way, you may opt out of auto-renew at any time after this purchase. You will still have the next 6 months to review Dr. Eifrig’s research. And even if you cancel after that you'll get a prorated refund.

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